More Facts About Pizza In Orlando And Beyond!

More Facts About Pizza In Orlando And Beyond!

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Pizza Facts

In our last post, we highlighted a few random factoids about the history of pizza, along with some more modern facts about our pizza consumption. But the post was, tragically, a bit short. So with that in mind, we are going to continue with the trend so we can list a few more fun facts about pizza you can impress your friends with at your next social gathering. Trust us, people are going to want to hear these facts. They’re the best facts about pizza in the world. They are fantastic pizza facts. Read on to be illuminated by them!

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  • 93 percent of American residents have eaten pizza in the last month, with ourselves included.
  • Over one-third of all pizza orders include the topping pepperoni.
  • People in Japan prefer to eat their pizza with toppings like squid and Mayo Jaga, the latter of which is potato, mayo, and bacon.
  • Americans eat right around 350 slices of pizza per second, which is about 100 acres of pizza a day!
  • October is National Pizza Month in the USA. We should do something special this year!
  • A hacker group known as UGNazi did their hacking thing and took down the website of Papa John’s because they got their pizza two hours late. That’s just another reason to make sure all of our Orlando pizza delivery orders go out on time and accurately, we suppose!
  • There is a pizza delivery joint in Alaska that actually delivers their pizzas by plane.
  • A California man was sent to prison for 25 years because he stole a slice of pizza from a group of children while he was under the three-strikes law. We aren’t California attorneys or anything, but we agree that stealing pizza from children is pretty much as low as it gets.

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