Picking The Perfect Pizza For A Large Group

Picking The Perfect Pizza For A Large Group

When it comes to ordering pizza for a large group of people, a few questions probably come to your mind. First, you probably pull out your cell phone and search for “pizza delivery near me.” Once you have established what pizza joints in the Orlando area are nearby, you ask yourself, “what should I order to please the whole group?”

Ordering pizza for multiple people doesn’t have to be hard. We can help you navigate the pizza buying process with this helpful guide to picking pizza for a large group.

1: Cover The Basics

When it comes to ordering pizza to please an entire crowd, the best place to start is with the basics. Who doesn’t love an ooey-gooey slice of cheese pizza? And how can you resist the classic flavor of pepperoni?

Make sure at least 50 to 75 percent of your pizza choices are some of the classics. While you may have a few adventurous people in the group, classic flavors became classics for a reason. Their flavors are well balanced, easy for almost anyone to love, and have been crowd pleasers for many years.

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2: Don’t Forget The Vegetarians

When you are ordering pizza for a large group, odds are good there are people in the crowd who either don’t eat meat or aren’t a big fan of it on their pizza. Make sure you include some vegetarian-friendly options. Classic toppings such as mushrooms and olives are always a safe choice for making veggie fans happy. If you have a large number of vegetarians in the group, mix it up with some green peppers and onions or other fun vegetable toppings.

3: Make Sure You “Wing” It

What goes better with a pizza party than wings? Here at New York Pizza and Wings, we believe that wings should be part of every good pizza delivery. Just like you don’t want to leave out the vegetarians in your group, you don’t want to forget about those who love having a little more carnivorous options. Wings will also be a great choice for those who are avoiding bread products.

4: Add On Some Extras

To make sure everyone is full after they indulge in a delectable pizza dinner, add on some extras such as breadsticks and salads. These delicious additions will help make all the food go further and will add some variety to the meal. At New York Pizza and Wings, we also offer some great pasta dishes you can add on to your Italian adventure.

5: Only Order From The Best

Last, but definitely not least, make sure that the pizza you are ordering is made from high-quality ingredients, not just some big box chain that throws anything at all on your pizza pie. For example, here at New York Pizza and Wings, we are a family-owned restaurant offering delicious Italian food created from the freshest ingredients. Our New York Style hand crust pizzas will be sure to please any crowd. Remember, we offer delivery to the Orlando area, so next time you are searching for “pizza delivery near me” we hope you will keep our locally owned business in mind.